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“I can only highly recommend Jelisa, she is a cheerful and fun teacher. She teaches her Spanish in a playful way that is fun. In addition, she has always selected good materials that she provides and with which it is a pleasure to work. I was able to learn a lot from her about the Dominican culture, how people live together and the country from her. Online but also personally on site. I am very grateful, she helped me more, try it. She is just great. ”


Barbara (Switzerland)

Do you know why you're not learning Spanish while others already feel like Dominicans?

Look, let me tell you!

I often see cases of frustrated people because they don't understand Dominicans. They try to communicate and relate to their family, friends, or Dominican neighbors, and they can't because all they know is "Si," "Gracias," and "¿Cómo estás?" "Buenos días"... Who builds relationships like that?

The excuses people give are:  

"Dominican Spanish is very difficult to learn."  

"They speak too fast."  

"I can't find their words in the dictionary."  

They say a whole sentence and I only hear one word."  

"I'll never be able to learn."

<span>Look, let me tell you!</span>

They're not entirely wrong, it's true what they say.

However, if Dominicans speak very fast, we cut words, we have a lot of slang, we invent terms, blah blah blah, why have others been able to?  How do some even manage to haggle with intelligent Dominican vendors? Can you imagine yourself acquiring a product at a local price because you know that as soon as they hear your accent, they see extra money in your face, "This one's a tourist."

Or can you imagine sharing with your family and friends in their native language? Being part of their culture? Feeling more connected?

<span>They're not entirely wrong, it's true what they say.</span>

Yes, I know you can imagine it!

But let me explain something, as we Dominicans say, "No es un Ketchup", meaning it's not easy, and I'm not here to sell you dreams. My students, who have had results, you know why they have had them? Because they are focused people and they know what they want. They work for it every day and see limitations as new opportunities.

They don't waste time taking online courses with teachers who are not Dominican, with apps that only teach you generic vocabulary, or trying to decipher Romeo's bachata songs. And I'm not saying that all these tools are bad, they're not. But it would help if you had more than that because when a Dominican tells you, "Tú ta en Belén con lo pastores," you're left in the air, confirming what he's telling you. What will happen? You'll go back to excuses and you'll stay in that vicious cycle of complaining and not seeking the solution that suits you best.

<span>Yes, I know you can imagine it!</span>

If you want magic overnight, this is not the right place for you.

But if you're a person committed to your learning and it's clear to you that this is a process that requires a lot of discipline and, above all, my support, so you can make new friends, get along with your mother-in-law, communicate with your Dominican grandfather, haggle in stores, and who knows, maybe even get a job. This is the right place for you. If so, "Tú la pegaste".

<span>If you want magic overnight, this is not the right place for you.</span>

Why Jely Spanish?

My online lessons are tailored for beginners and deeply rooted in Dominican culture.

You'll not only learn Spanish but also delve into discussions about sports, food, music, traditions, and even politics if you desire.

“I highly recommend Jelisa as a Spanish tutor. She is patient, knowledgeable, fun, and her approach to teaching Spanish is both effective and enjoyable. I saw significant improvement in my language skills in a short period of time and over the course of our time together I am conversational fluent in Spanish. ”

Feature Review

Daniel (United States)

<span>Why Jely Spanish?</span>


The lessons will be one-on-one, conducted from the comfort of your own home, offering a wide range of scheduling options so you can book them at your convenience.

“Jelisa is incredibly warm and friendly making it easy to learn and uses good materials for practice. Through my regular lessons I have learned about cultural things such as the Carnival Celebration, the Dominican Baseball League and the passion that each fanbase has for their team, and I have also learned about day-to-day things such as Dominican real estate, the types of cars people drive, etc. I am now more invested in my Mom’s culture than ever before.”

Feature Review

Michael (Canada)


Dominican Tutor - Jelisa Inoa

I'm Dominican and from El Cibao, who better than me to teach you Dominican slang and expressions?

I'll help you understand our way of speaking so that the lesson isn't based solely on "neutral Spanish," but from the moment you start speaking, you'll have your Dominican flavor. ¡Tú sabe klk!

“I decided to learn with Jelisa since she is Dominican, and so is my husband and his family. I wanted to be able to have conversations with my in-laws and make sure I understand everything. Most importantly, I wanted to learn more about Dominican culture. When I first started my lesson, I was so nervous to speak in Spanish because I thought I sounded silly. However, Jelisa helps me feel comfortable and pushes me to be confident when I speak. She knows that my favorite word to use in every lesson is "otra vez", and she will repeat the words until I get it. Jelisa is so patient with me and very understanding.”

Feature Review

Sylena (United States)

<span>Dominican Tutor - Jelisa Inoa</span>

"I grew up in a Spanish home, but wasn’t formally taught Spanish. So, my Spanish comprehension was at a moderate level, however, my speaking was nowhere at the same level. But after working with Jelisa, I went from beginner conversations to holding far more advanced conversations. My grammar, pronunciation, reading and writing skills have improved drastically as well. So, if you’re looking into improving your Spanish at any level, I would HIGHLY recommend working with Jelisa."


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are my lessons for?
  • People of Dominican origin who do not speak Spanish.

  • Individuals with a Dominican partner or friends.

  • People who live or want to live in the Dominican Republic.

  • Anyone interested in Dominican culture.

Who are these lessons not for?
  • Kids or teenagers.

    Advanced Spanish learners.

  • Individuals with no connection to the Dominican Republic.

  • Learners lacking commitment.

  • Those anticipating overnight mastery.

Which levels do I teach?
  • A1 (Basic 1)

  • A2 (Basic 2)

  • B1 (Intermediate 1)

Are face-to-face lessons?

No, only virtual lessons.

Can the lessons be in a group setting?

No, they are individual classes by the moment.

Will I receive assignments and activities to do at home?

Yes, there is a series of activities for each unit.

How much does a lesson cost?
  • Trial lesson: $15 USD (30 minutes)

  • Individual lesson: $30 USD (1 hour)

  • Six package hours or more: $28 USD (1 hour)

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Jelisa is by far the best Spanish teacher in the world! She’s very patient, she explains and makes things easy to be understood, she slowly and perfectly pronounces the Spanish words, and the best part is that she immerses you into Dominican culture. She’s been my teacher for a little more than 3 years and I would say that I’m fluent, after visiting the Dominican Republic and being able to talk and engage with the people! Highly recommend her!! - Leon (United States)

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